"Summum" - Loins of Bonito del Norte in Olive Oil 190g

D0018 (UNIT)

"Summum" in Latin means epitome. Yurrita select the best loins for their "Summum" range.

Bonito del Norte is a small tuna with an awesome white and gentle meat.

It is kept in olive oil to keep all its juiciness.

  • "Summum" loin and piquillo pepper on a bread toast.

  • "Summum" loins, white asparagus and white beans salad.

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Bonito del Norte comes from the coast of the Bay of Biscay during the summer months. They are caught using traditional fishing methods by boats that respect marine reserves through sustainable fishing management.

After carefully selecting the freshest Bonito, cutting and selecting the belly, the fillets are boiled and cleaned to get rid of the outer skin by expert hands who for generations have worked preparing these canned products. Once the fillets are clean, they are sliced “by knife” and packed in olive oil.

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D0018 (UNIT)

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Bonito del Norte (White tuna, Thunnus Alalunga), Olive Oil and Salt.
Storage & Care
Keep in a dry and cool place. Once opened, keep refrigerated below 8°C in a non-metallic container, covered in its oil, and consume within 3 days
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