Fresh chorizo Eusko Label pack of 4

A0388 (UNIT)

This fresh chorizo sausage ​​is juicy, tasty and packed with flavour. It is made from free-range minced lean pork and pork belly which have been marinated in salt, paprika and spices.

  • Fresh chorizo sausages are delicious, soaked in Basque cider, fried or grilled and served sliced as pintxos.
  • This chorizo is also excellent fried and added to a tortilla or cooked as part of a spicy tomato sauce and served with pasta.
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About the producer:

URDETXE is the brand used by TXERRIZALEOK, the Association for Basque Outdoor Pig Breeders.

URDETXE guarantees high quality pork and pork products. Pigs are raised outdoors and fed on grass, scrub, chestnuts and acorns and the greatest care is taken to ensure the highest quality taste and product.

URDETXE pork and pork products bear the ‘Eusko Label’, regulated and controlled by the Basque Government, which is awarded to quality agricultural food products produced, processed and/or made in the Basque Country.

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A0388 (UNIT)
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