Based in‭ ‬central‭ ‬London,‭ ‬ZooteeK is a ‬vibrant company‭ ‬passionate about providing excellent customer service‭ ‬and delivering only the finest Basque products to the British food and‭ ‬drink‭ ‬market.

Company Director‭ ‬Imanol Barcenilla‭ ‬gained‭ ‬over‭ ‬18‭ ‬years‭’‬ experience‭ ‬in the commercial and private sectors after graduating from‭ ‬the University of the Basque Country with a degree in Business.‭ ‬As a former Managing Director of a large haulage company operating across Europe,‭ with a turnover in excess‭ of ‬£3‭ ‬million a year,‭ ‬Imanol knows the hard work,‭ ‬determination and quality customer relationships‭ ‬needed to make a business a success.

Since arriving in London in 2012, he has developed a new passion‭; ‬to‭ ‬make the food‭ ‬and‭ ‬drink‭ ‬of the Basque Country as loved and‭ ‬revered in Britain as‭ Italian pastas,‭ Greek‬ olives and French champagne.

Whilst living in London and throughout his travels across England,‭ ‬Wales and Scotland,‭ ‬Imanol has been struck by the adventurous palates of the British and how respected the Michelin-starred‭ ‬cuisine of‭ ‬San Sebastian is.‭ ‬Yet the absence of Basque foods‭ ‬on delicatessen‭ ‬and supermarket‭ ‬shelves across Britain is marked.‭ ‬Imanol is combining his good head for business with his‭ ‬refined‭ ‬taste buds to ensure the very best of Basque food and drink are brought to discerning British diners.‭

Why Choose ZooteeK

ZooteeK offers something truly unique in a market flooded with‭ ‬familiar tastes and textures.‭ ‬ZooteeK delivers‭ ‬food and‭ ‬drink‭ ‬steeped in ancient traditions‭ ‬yet fitting of‭ ‬21st century style and elegance.

Whether you‭ ‬want to provide your customers with‭ ‬that extra special something for romantic picnic lunches,‭ ‬after-dinner cheeses that leave guests enchanted,‭ ‬and wines to make any celebration truly memorable,‭ ‬ZooteeK will bring unique tastes and textures to your shelves and their tables.‭

ZooteeK guarantees excellent‭ ‬customer‭ ‬service, attention to detail‭ and the freshest, finest foods and wines‭ ‬to make any celebration extra special.‭ ‬ZooteeK only works with trusted suppliers so that you can be confident all o‭rders will be delivered on time,‭ ‬to the highest of standards and with a pride and passion that will ensure you return time and time again.