ZooteeK offers a selection of popular alcoholic and non-alcoholic Basque Country beverages – tea, wine, beer, cider and the finest ‘Patxaran’, a Basque liqueur made from distilled anise, sloes and flavoured with coffee beans and vanilla. 

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  • Wines

    Wine-making is an important part of Basque culture and the country currently produces an impressive four P.D.O wines.


    Buy from our handpicked selection of wines from the Basque Country, including Rioja, Txakoli, Navarre and Cava. 

  • Beers


    Small, independent breweries - people who are passionate about pilsners, bitters and stouts - make our craft beers. 


  • Juice

    Our artisanal juices are made with the best seasonal products from the Basque Country. 

  • Teas


    Buy from our selection of quality, organic black, green and herbal teas from Josenea. 


  • Liqueurs

    Buy our selected, high quality Patxaran made using traditional methods with sloes and top quality aniseed.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items