• Gluten Free product This rich and sweet chorizo is made from wild boar meat that is hunted in the mountains of the Basque Country. The chorizo is made using only natural ingredients producing a dark, sweet, succulent and tasty sausage that is gently seasoned with paprika. Our chorizo is free from preservatives or colourings. It is also gluten free. Our...

  • This delicious ink will give a singular black color to your pasta and rice. A must for squid and squid dishes. Sepia ink is the pigment that expels cephalopods as a measure of protection against other predatory animals. It is used in the gastronomic universe very frequently, especially in Mediterranean cuisine. It is customary to mix it with white rice,...

  • Bag of 10 pyramids A rich, flavourful combination of berries with hibiscus flowers. Popular with adults and children alike. Serve hot or with ice as a summer drink.

  • This tasty black pudding is made in the town of Beasain. The Beasain recipe is known throughout the Basque Country because unlike most black puddings, it is not made with rice. This results in a black pudding that is a lighter, more succulent product. This Beasain black pudding is made from onions, leeks, oregano, pork blood and lard and salt. It should...

  • Rafa Gorrotxategi handmades this ruby chocolate with 48% of the best cocoa, enhanced with strawberries and rose petals. The ruby is a new variety of chocolate, pink, made with the grain of Ruby cocoa, which has not been genetically modified, without adding dyes or flavorings. It is the fourth category after dark chocolate, milk and white.

  • Our Basque Country free-range pork shoulder comes from pigs that were raised humanely in the mountains and spent much of their lives outdoors on Basque pasture land.

  • Our suckling pigs are bred under the control of Eusko Label. They feed on the sow’s milk – pigs that are raised outdoors in the mountains of the Basque Country and fed on grass, scrub, chesnuts and acorns.  This results in a flavoursome, pale and tender meat that is melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

  • "Eusko Label" product ‘Txistorra’ is a type of sausage that is popular in the Basque Country. "Txistorra" is cured only for a brief period - for weeks rather than months. It has the same ingredients as a chorizo, but the ‘Txistorra’ has a higher fat content, natural gut casing is always used and it is always thinner than chorizo. This top quality...

  • Anchovy Fillets in Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Butterfly ZooteeK is delighted to bring you anchovies from Yurrita. Spanning five generations and almost 150 years, Yurrita is the oldest preserve company in the Basque Country. You can taste their experience in all their products in particular their anchovies, which are fished from the Bay of Biscay....

  • · Origins: This variety originated in Greece (northern Crete and south western Peloponnese). Estate grown and made. · Tasting notes: Intense aromas with herbal and balsamic notes and hints of green bananas and kiwis. · Harvesting dates: 3–8 November. · Pairing: Citrus fruit, salads and blue fish, like bluefin tuna.  · Acidity:0.10%

  • Honeys featuring the Eusko Label, symbol of quality assurance and authenticity in the Basque Country, are crude and natural honeys that preserve the maximum nutritional properties because they are unpasteurized, unlike most honeys on the market.  

  • This delicious, organic apricot jam from Jakion is handmade using the highest quality ingredients from the farmhouses of the Deba Garaia county in the Basque Country. It is free from flavourings or artificial colourings and it is made with natural ingredients. The intense, sweet apricot flavour makes it an excellent ingredient for desserts, but it can...

  • Pagoa lager is a full-bodied, bottom-fermented lager that has a clean and elegant flavour. Clear, golden with a frothy finish when poured, the lager has a sweet, nutty, malty aroma. The lager’s bready and nutty flavours are balanced with the gentle tangy and citrus background notes of the hop.  4.9% ABV

  • Our free-range, Basque Country ham comes from pigs that were raised humanely in the mountains and spent much of their lives outdoors on Basque pasture land.

  • Rafa Gorrotxategi handmades this chocolate with milk with 45% of the best cocoa, sweetened with stevia, without added sugars, with pistachios, almonds and freeze-dried natural strawberries of first quality.

  • This is a lovely, pale Cava with plenty of fizz and plenty of personality.  Made from a blend of three grapes – Viura, Parellada and Chardonnay – it is a dry Cava, clean on the palate with refreshing hints of apple and melon and notes of honey. It is ideal for aperitifs. ABV 12%

  • Rafa Gorrotxategi elaborates this dark chocolate with 70% of the best cocoa, with all the flavor of lyophilized strawberries, delicate whole rose petals, freeze-dried rose petals and natural aroma of roses. GLUTEN FREE

  • This natural apple jelly is made with fruit from the orchards of San Sebastian.  Made with only apples, sugar and a squeeze of lemon, it is enjoyed around the Cider Houses of the Basque Country as an ideal accompaniment to Idiazabal cheese. 51% apple, 49% sugar and lemon juice.

  • This magnificent cow’s cheese is smooth, mild in flavour and incredibly creamy. Of average maturity, this 100% natural product is made ​​in the village of Leaburu, in the county of Tolosa, Gipuzkoa.

  • ‘Patxaran’ is a traditional liqueur from the Basque Country that has been produced and drunk for centuries. It is produced by soaking sloe berries in distilled anis with coffee beans and vanilla added to flavour it. The result is rich, deep red liqueur that has an intense fruity and aniseed flavour. The drink is commonly served chilled or over ice as a...

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