Natural Cider "Euskal Sagardoa" 37.5cl by Isastegi

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Basque cider is flat (non carbonated), is not sweet and must be poured from height.

In Isastegi they do not add sulphites or yeast.

The cider is produced by spontaneous fermentation.

All the apples they use come from less than 10 miles away.

The Basque people have been making Sagardoa (cider) for centuries. From January to April, across the Basque Country, cider is served directly from the barrel in the Sagardotegis (cider houses). Once the optimum moment for consumption has been determined, the cider is bottled.


  • We always serve cider in small amounts (about 100 to 200ml in a wide glass), and we drink it straight away after it’s been served.
  • To serve, we splash it into the glass, pouring from height so the cider aerates.
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Cider has been produced at the Isastegi farm since the 17th century. Their ancestors made cider to drink at home and invited neighbours to enjoy it with them.

There were many cider mills in the Tolosa area and cider production at Isastegi formed part of a culture whose basic drink was cider. A very special, unique product was born of the know-how that comes from practices transmitted from generation to generation.



A profession and way of life

In 1984 Migel Mari Lasa, with the help of his father Joxe Mari, decided to take a step forwards and started commercialising cider. From the beginning he devoted himself to adding his little bit to centuries of know-how and implementing all the necessary procedures for bringing cider onto the market.

In the space of a few years, he achieved a cider that was well received both in the Basque Country and internationally. Today, Isastegi is a cider with its own personality.

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B0036 (UNIT)

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It must be kept refrigerated below 6°C
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