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Beans Tolosa 1 kg
  • Beans Tolosa 1 kg
  • Tolosa Beans Eusko Label 1 kg

Tolosa Beans Eusko Label 1 kg

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"Eusko Label" product

The Tolosa bean, ‘Tolosako Babarruna’, is for the purists and it is one of the most revered products from the Basque Country. 

  • You can eat them like the locals do: add the dry beans to cold water, bring them to the boil, add a dash of olive oil and leave them to simmer for about three hours. No spices, no tomatoes, no meat. Just beans.
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Founded in 1994, Tolosako Babarrun Elkartea is the Tolosa Bean Producers’ Association. It currently has 58 partners producing Tolosa beans from the region of Tolosaldea, Gipuzkoa and its products have been awarded the Eusko Label quality certificate.

The product
Tolosako Babarrun Elkartea’s star product are the Tolosa beans, which are sold dried or pre-cooked. An average of 31,000 kilos of beans are produced a year from 17 hectares of crops.

How the products are made
The Producers’ Association is responsible for sowing, cultivating and harvesting the beans. The selection and drying of the beans is then done by each individual partner at their own production venue.

Research and improvements are made continually to ensure that every aspect of the production of Tolosa beans is the best it can be. This means that the Association can confidently offer consumers the highest quality product and guarantee its origin. The Association represents producers and the workers who strive to offer the best of Gipuzkoa’s agricultural produce.

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A0145 (UNIT)

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