Buy a selection of the finest beans from the Basque Country, including the P.D.O. Tolosa Beans

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Tolosa Beans Eusko Label 1 kg


"Eusko Label" product The Tolosa bean, ‘Tolosako Babarruna’, is for the purists and it is one of the most revered products from the Basque Country.  SUGGESTIONS You can eat them like the locals do: add the dry beans to cold water, bring them to the boil, add a dash of olive oil and leave them to simmer for about three hours. No spices, no tomatoes, no...

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Brand: Zubelzu Piparrak

Black beans by Zubelzu 430 ml


The most succulent black beans, cooked for you; ready to eat. Since the beginning of the 20th century, beans have been an indispensable food in the Basques diet and have an internationally widespread reputation. Soft, fleshy and with an exquisite flavour, it is a healthy and natural food. Beans are prepared in the simplest way, without preservatives or...

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